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Your Trusted Partner for Aluminium

Whether your preferences lean towards the modest or the grand, we're ready to offer a diverse range of products tailored to meet your specific needs.

Up to 10000 Standard Moulds 

Various Suppliers

Broad Range of Production Capacity

Available in Europe and USA

In a world where aluminum's popularity is growing higher than ever, we're here to power your needs with a one-stop solution. From the very birth of aluminum, through its transformation into the finest products, we've got your entire journey covered!


Why Choose ALU TM

Global network of suppliers and buyers

 Imagine having a worldwide web of aluminum connections at your fingertips! Our vast network of aluminum suppliers and buyers stretches across the globe, opening doors to an exciting array of products and markets for you to explore.

Competitive pricing and reliable delivery

We offer competitive pricing to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Coupled with our reliable delivery services, you can trust us to meet your aluminium supply needs with ease and peace of mind.

Customized solutions to meet specific needs

With user-friendly features, you can complete transactions quickly and smoothly, freeing up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

What Do We Offer


Surface Finishes

We offer aluminum profiles with a captivating array of surface finish options, from the sleek and shiny mill finish to the vibrant and durable anodized, powder-coated finishes, as well as the reflective allure of polished surfaces, the elegant texture of grinded finishes.​

Mechanical work.png

Mechanical Processing

We're your go-to experts for a multitude of services, from cutting and drilling to milling. With a fleet of eccentric press machines and cutting-edge CNC technology at our disposal, there's no limit to what we can craft for you.



We're all about tailored solutions that fit your needs like a glove. Our specialty? Crafting custom molds that are as distinct as your products. And for those who seek a simpler path, we've got a range of regular profiles at your disposal, so you're always covered, no matter your preference!​




  • How does ALU TM ensure the quality of its aluminium profiles?
    We're not just a run-of-the-mill aluminum profile trading company, we're a dedicated force committed to delivering excellence. By teaming up with the industry's top-notch aluminum extruders, we guarantee our customers nothing less than profiles of unparalleled quality for a wide spectrum of applications.
  • What alloys are used in the profiles offered by ALU TM, and which markets does the company serve?
    Our extensive portfolio includes profiles crafted from high-grade alloys such as 6060, 6063, 6005, 6463, and 6082. With a keen focus on export, we proudly serve markets across Germany, Belgium, Holland, Poland, France, Italy, Austria, USA, and Canada, meeting the unique demands of each region.
  • How does ALU TM ensure the balance between quality and competitive pricing for their aluminium profiles, and can they accommodate custom design requests?
    With a steadfast commitment to quality and competitive pricing, we guarantee that every profile we produce exhibits superior craftsmanship. Whether you require standard profiles or custom-made designs, our skilled team can fulfill your requirements with precision and expertise.
  • What are the surface finishing options and mechanical works offered by ALU TM, and what are the maximum lengths supported for anodizing and painted profiles?
    We go the extra mile to provide you with a comprehensive suite of services, including meticulous surface finishing and advanced mechanical works. Our capabilities extend to short lengths, as well as long lengths of up to 7.4 meters for anodizing and 8.0 meters for painted profiles.
  • What fabrication solutions does ALU TM offer, and what specific services are available in their state-of-the-art mechanical process facilities?
    When it's time to tackle fabrication challenges, our cutting-edge mechanical facilities are your go-to destination. You can rely on our expertise for a diverse array of services, from precise bevel cutting at variable angles from 45 to 90 degrees, to skillful deburring of cut edges. We've also got you covered for CNC machining, precision punching with eccentric press machines, tapping, countersink drilling, and riveting, and pressing. Whatever your project demands, we have the tools and skills to make it happen.
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